1. All customers must be physically fit and capable to swim. The client confirms that from a medical point of view, there's nothing that prevents him/her to exercise the sport of surfing.
2. The booking will be valid when the booking has reached Quiksilver Surfschool (from now QSS), the deposit of the course fee has been transfered to our bank account and when QSS have confirmed the booking.
3. Payment: The entire amount for the booking must be transfered to one of our bank accounts one month before arrival.
4. Cancelation of bookings are possible at any time. We advise you to send the cancelation by fax, letter or e-mail. The cancelation will be valid the day we receive it. Until 29 days before the course start/arrival, we'll charge 24 euros. Until 14 days before the course start/arrival, we'll charge 30% and after this we'll charge 80% of the total amount. In case of cancelation 1 day before course start/arrival, we'll charge 100% of the total amount.
5. QSS are responsible for the correct preparation and execution of the surf course and the description of the service we offer. QSS don't take responsibility for damage to persons or material which happens during any travels to the course/school and for travels by car which are made during the course. The participation is the risk of the client. QSS is responsible for any faults of the members of QSS, also during the course. The responsibility of QSS is limited to maximum 3 times the amount of the course fee, as long as the damage or harm was not produced on purpose.
6. QSS are not responsible for circumstances caused by the weather and no refunds will be be given due to climate conditions.
7. The customer must take reasonable care with regard to the use of QSS equpiment and accept the responsibility for replacing any such equipment that is lost or damaged whilst in the care or use of the customer. Any property that is replaced must be paid for at the proper market value as assessed by QSS. Thereafter the damaged equpiment becomes the property of the customer.
8. The customer has to follow the orders and instructions of the QSS instructors. In case of irresponsable behaviour which endangers health or image of customers or QSS, the customer can be excluded of the lessons after previous warning. In this case the course fee will not be returned.